Victoria, chief executive designer (ced) resides with her husband of 25 years and her two Bengal cats.
For the last 38 years with his consulting firm, her husband Roberto has provided strategic, marketing, and sales advisory to over 300 corporate clients and he is an advanced certified facilitator "Prof." teaching MBA's for the largest accredited university in the country.
They make a great team and compliment each other with their combined business experience, providing unprecedented results for all aspects of start-ups, established companies, non-profit organizations "fund-raising" and individuals.

Victoria, ced


​Victoria has been in design for 20 + years and enjoys tapping into her creative talents ​to produce the most artistic brand designs that "sell" the story of her clients business and their products.
Explore her extensive menu options from marketing campaigns, creative brands, advertising, graphic ideas, logos, decals, brochures, business card design, letterhead design, bookmarks, websites, web banner advertising/design to name a few.
Victoria and her team are ready to design your customized "business presence",  we work with start-ups, established companies,  corporate clients, non-profit organizations and individuals. As well as in Domestic and International markets.
Contact us ... today ~ for your personalized business presence. We look forward to creating for you a complete customized graphic design and advertising plan.